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Pepture - Your strategic partner of molds  - From design to delivery
Injection mold
Die casting
Secondary processes
Silk-screen,Pad/spray printing
Double injection mold
Insert injection mold
Dust-free injection room

Pepture Mold Co., Ltd. manufactures high-quality plastic injection molds,injection molded products and die casting parts for the international market. The company was founded in 2000 and is located in Dongguan city, the third largest exporting industry region in China.
Pepture acknowledges the importance of protecting the intellectual property of our clients. We offer a non disclosure agreement when required.

Your success is our success.


 We use the most advanced software for the mold design to simulate and analyse the mold structure so that we can identify any problem in time when the mold is still in the designing stages. In such way, we can make the high quality molds in great efficiency.
We believe that our skilled staffs and updated technology are the keys to success and continuous development. At the aim of reaching ISO quality standard, we set our target as: Zero-defect, High quality, Timely delivery and Worldwide brand!
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