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 Machine List
1)CNC Machining Center – 3 units
2)Wire Cut – 2 units
3)EDM Machine – 5 units
4)Conventional Milling Machine – 15 units
5)Conventional Grinding Machine – 6 units
6)Lathe      4 Units
7£©Injection Machine (80-780 ton) Japan SUMiTOMO
8) Double injection Machine 230T
9)  Casting capacity: 160 to 300T die casting machine

Total area of:
5000 square meters
Built in 2000
  • Site Advantages/Description
    Our molding factory is located in Changping, near the Donggguan(Changgping) railway sation. It takes only 90 minutes to Hong Kong International Airport by expressway bus. Or only 45 minutes from Hong ham (Hong Kong staion)
  • Materials/Components
    Mainly from Japan (NAK 80), Sweden (STAVAX S136), Germany (S7) and Hong Kong (LKM738H).
5000 square meters Changping,Dongguan City,Guangdong, China Built in 2000
Double injection machine
80T-750T injection machine  
  tooling workshop      
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