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Our quality policies: Quality is the basic business principle of Pepture. Quality means providing our customers with innovative products and services that fully satisfy their requirements. A quality improvement is the job of every Pepture’s employee.

We reduce the gap for quality between producer view and customer view. So our quality does not only meet the requirements, it also meets the customer’s need. JAD, TQM, JIT, and technique are in our quality assurance system.


Listed below are some of the things that make Pepture Mold the top quality shop that it is:

l All quality staffs (QA/QC) have access to modern, top of the line quality assurance equipment

l R&D engineers analyze every customer requirements and design.

l Qualified QA staffs perform quality check as per every customer requirements.

l Each batch of materials is validated by QC staffs.

l Every mold produces the final products in third party before shipping.

l Sample of molded products is verified by QC staffs and the customer before producing.  

l Performance Pepture Mold promotes an environment that encourages feedback by rewarding employees for up-holding our tough quality standards.

lIf the rare instance a problem does occur, we work swiftly to correct the issue and immediately take measures to prevent it from happening again. We provide the detail corrective and preventative action report to our customers.


We do all this to insure our customers receive timely shipments which are defect free. Our products are the results of our efforts and they should be the best in serving customers worldwide.


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